Finance Lease

How do you ensure that your contract is profitable and delivery is reliable? Most importantly, where do you find resources for long-term investments?


AsiaCredit Bank provides a solution to these challenges: take advantage of financial leasing.


Financial leasing is an affordable and efficient instrument to finance the purchase of fixed assets, in which the bank transfers the property purchased from the seller to the client for possession and use for business purposes for periods of more than three years.


Financial leasing comprises all the benefits of hire purchase, lease and loan. In addition, AsiaCredit Bank provides a range of services on lease transactions, including assistance in the choice of suppliers/sellers and fixed assets/leased property, conclusion and performance of trade transactions, customs clearance and insurance of the leased property, etc.


Leased property can include buildings, constructions, machinery, equipment, inventory, vehicles, land plots and any other fixed assets to be used for business purposes. In accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, securities and natural resources may not be the subject of a leasing transaction.


Advantages of financing leasing

  • Fixed assets can be used immediately, without a need to withdraw significant funds from turnover.
  • No need to provide an additional pledge, as it is secured with the lessor’s ownership right to the leased property.
  • Reduction in the income tax base.
  • Leased property value decreases due to saving on VAT (the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan approved the list of imported goods including those to be let under financial leasing agreements, for which VAT can be offset without paying actual money).
  • Flexible schedule of lease payments.
  • A package of additional banking services.
  • Risk reduction on trade transactions and savings on transaction costs.


Terms of financial leasing at AsiaCredit Bank:



Lease term

37 to 84 months, depending on a country of purchase and technical characteristics of the leased property

Advance payment

from 30% of lease amount, depending on specifications and liquidity of the leased property, project risks etc.

Interest rate

from 16% per annum (annual effective interest rate from 17.90%), depending on the lease amount, project risks and other parameters


1% to 3% of the lease amount


15,000 tenge

Leased property insurance



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