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October, 2020
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CONTACT Money Transfers

CONTACT is the first Russian money transfer system, operating in the market since 1999. 

Rapida Ltd is the CONTACT's operator.

AsiaCredt Bank offers the opportunity to make simple, fast and cost-effective money transfers via the CONTACT payment system without the need to open an account. You can transfer money in a variety of ways:  
  • around the world, including Kazakhstan, Russia, CIS and non-CIS countries (over 170 countries in total) 
  • in Russian rubles, US dollars and Euros
  • money can be paid out in cash, or credited to Visa*, MasterCard* and UnionPay* cards, or to an account of a receiver who may be either an individual or a legal entity in any bank of Russia, European countries, USA, Canada, Vietnam, Turkey, UAE, India*, Thailand, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, Hong-Kong or Malaysia (CONTACT-Account service)
  • using speed delivery: money is transferred in real-time. The time of payout depends on the time zone difference between the sending and receiving locations and the working hours of the receiving bank
  • SMS-notification of a sender on the status of his/her transfer
  • no-address transfer: with this option, funds can be received at any CONTACT service point in Kazakhstan, Russia and CIS countries
* Certain limitations may apply to issuing banks.

CONTACT fees: 
You can send money from Kazakhstan from as little as 0.1% fee, depending on the amount and destination of your transfer.
Maximum amount per transfer:
  • between CIS countries: 600 000 RUB/ 10 000 USD / 8 300 EUR
  • to non-CIS countries: in accordance with laws of the receiving country
A Money Transfer is limited to 50,000 dollars. Any transfer above this limit from one individual person will be reported to the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Fees are available at CONTACT’s website.

CONTACT main advantages: 

Cost-efficient: The sender pays the service fee, no fee is charged to the recipient. 
Convenient: In order to make a transfer it is not necessary to know the details of a recipient’s bank. You need only to specify the destination country and city, along with the full name of the recipient. Transfers within Kazakhstan, Russia and CIS countries can be made in a ‘no-address’ format. Money can be paid from any CONTACT service point in a receiving country.
Fast: A simplified money transfer procedure takes just a few minutes; with no need to fill in an application form. 
Reliable: Transfers are secure – using revolutionary software and advanced encryption technology. 

CONTACT is the winner of Russian and international awards: 
  • three times winner of the Number 1 Brand in Russian Money Transfers contest in the category in 2011, 2012, and 2013
  • winner of the 2014, Consumers Rights and Service Quality award
  • recipient of the Company of the Year award in the Money Transfers category (2012)
  • winner of the International Star Award for Quality (2012), The Bizz Award (2013), and International Quality Summit Award (2013)
  • Using the CONTACT system, you will be able to: 
  • send money without opening an account
  • top up individuals’ accounts

How to send money:  
  • Visit a convenient branch office of AsiaCredt Bank offering CONTACT money transfers.
  • Specify the recipient’s full name as it appears in his/her passport.
  • Produce your identity document. 
  • Sign a money transfer request form.
  • Pay the transfer amount plus the fee.
  • Notify the recipient of CONTACT’s address, where the money can be collected, as well as the amount and unique transfer number
All funds are paid in full, without any deduction.

How to receive money: 
  • Receive the unique transfer number and amount of funds from the sender. 
  • Visit the contact service point during working hours. 
  • Produce your identity document. 
  • Sign the money receipt form. 
  • Receive the full amount of the transfer (no fee is charged).

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